I love what I do and it's hard to believe that I've been an Independent Beauty Consultant for over 30 years!  What a blessing it has been in my life, whether working part time or full time in my business, I have been able to weave it into my tapestry of life.

My work background includes everything from picking strawberries to Administrative Assistant for a law firm, a financial adviser and a bank vice president. My husband, Richard, and I are the proud parents of three daughters and 6 grandchildren. We called the Santa Cruz mountains home from 1976-2011, and then relocated north to Miranda, CA in Humboldt County.  

If you haven't heard of the small town of Miranda, here's a little about it. Our home is within a five-minute walk of the south fork of the Eel River, amidst giant redwood trees. Miranda is on the Avenue of the Giants between Myers Flat to the north and Phillipsville to the south. It's quiet and beautiful here.

I am a "people person" and enjoy making women feel good about themselves, which is what our team is all about -- empowering and enriching women's lives. The "sales person" type I am not, but I do like to teach people about the benefits of our products, as well as how to use them.

I'm delighted to be a part of other women's lives and I invite you to contact me for information regarding products, the career path opportunity, whether part time or full time, or resources and encouragement if you are a fellow Consultant.

Special Note:  If you choose to shop from my website, please know that you do not have to use a credit card for purchase  Or, if you want to take advantage of my “Be Beautiful NOW...Pay on the Go” plan, just Contact Me and we can work out payment details.